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May 24, 2020

Sound bar 700 with iOS its too loud



I have the soundboard 700 and base module. Everything works perfect but there is one strange thing: Let’s say the volume Is like 0 till 10. 0 is no sound and 10 is max. 

This is how it works now:

0 - no sound

1 - normal

2 - loud

3 - louder

4 - too loud 

5 - can’t even try

6 - etc. 
7 - etc. 

how comes the steps get so fast louder? I need smaller steps and this is very annoying. How can I fix this?

im using the latest versions iOS and OS X and happens with any app that plays sound. 


Re: Sound bar 700 with iOS its too loud

Hi Bojan,


Welcome! Thanks for posting!


It's interesting that the soundbar gets too loud of you so quickly! While there isn't any way to change the size of the volume control steps I'd be happy to see what can be done to improve your experience with the volume!


As you mentioned this happening with iOS, what are you playing through the soundbar when this happens? Are you connected to the soundbar with Bluetooth, Airplay, or using the Bose Music app? 


Do you get the same jump in volume if you control the volume with the buttons on the remote and the volume buttons on your iPhone? Or does it increase differently depending on which you use?


I look forward to hearing back from you?

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