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Dec 10, 2019

SoundTouch failure

I am over The SoundTouch app not being able to find speakers, saying they are not connected to wifi when they show they are and working directly. The whole SoundTouch system design is extremely poor! I went with the Bose system over Sonos because of the history and quality of Bose. For 3 years I have bern getting more and more frustrated with the system failures that Bose does not seem to address, thinking that the community keeps complaining, but nothing is being done by Bose. I have 2 SoundTouch 30’s and 4 SoundTouch 10’s in my house. Great signal strength from the router, and even spent $400 on a super router to make sure it could handle the system since it would lose connection from day one with my cable router. It works for awhile, then maybe updates, and down Bose goes again. Reset everything back up, sometimes up to 5 times per speaker to get it working, only to have the app loose the speaker 5 minutes later, although the speaker will be playing as part of the group. Soft and hard resets make no difference, sometimes will make the speaker disappear for several hours! The bad part is it is not just one speaker but all at once or randomly one, two or more at a time. 


Re: SoundTouch failure

Hi EricR


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the SoundTouch app connecting to your speakers and would be happy to help you resolve this.


From how you are describing the issue, it sounds as if there may be some settings on the router that are stopping the app and the speakers communicating correctly across your network. If the speakers are still able to play even though they do not show in the app, then they will still have an internet connection but something is stopping the app from detecting them on your network.


We do have some recommended router settings to use with our speakers if we can enable these we should be able to stop the app having issues detecting any speakers.


Recommended router settings for SoundTouch™ compatibility

UPnP - Enable

Multicast - Enable

IGMP - Enable

Wireless Isolation - Disable

IGMP Proxy - Disable

Wi-Fi Radio or Radio Mode - Mixed or B/G/N

Stealth mode - Disable

MAC Filtering/Access Control - Disable, or add the SoundTouch™ system’s MAC address to the allowed devices list

WPS - Disable

Wireless channel - Fixed (select a specific channel); Auto-Channel selection is not recommended.

Security type WPA-2(PSK) with AES Encryption.

WMM – Disable.


If you would like help enabling these settings our phone support teams may be able to go through this with you and ensure everything is set up correctly. You can find their contact information at this link by selecting your region/country and then 'Contact Us'


Let us know how you get on.


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support



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