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May 19, 2019

Soundbar 500 - Bose Music logo switch off

I have my SB500 connected to a Sony KDL-49WD757 by means of HDMI-ARC.
Now, once I switch the TV on, it wakes up the SB from standby sound gets played, but then the TV switches from TV channel to the SB HDMI input. TV shows the Bose Music logo, and nothing else happens...
At this point I must always switch input back to TV.
I tryed lots of configurations but nothing can help keeping TV input on switching on.
I wonder WHY one needs the Bose Music logo as feed as video to the HDMI-input.
In fact this is just bothering, and it is in fact the source for my problem.
My TV receives video input from SB-HDMI and switches to that input, as if I would be interested in see that program.

How can I switch off video output from soundbar, but still keep the SB being detected by TV as audio output (HDMI-ARC)?
This is a quite annoying issue which may affects other users.