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Dec 2, 2020

Soundbar 700 input change via google assistant command?

Bose product name. Soundbar 700


Country Canada 


Firmware Version 10.0.10-8565+88f8514


App Version 4.2.4.


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on 

Galaxy s10 plus


Detailed description of the issue 


Is there a command with Google assistant to change the input source from radio to TV or TV to bluetooth and vice versa?   


Through searching I see earlier this year alexa is able to do such by saying "alexa input bluetooth".  I tried that with google and I get "sorry I dont understand"


Any help is appreciated


Re: Soundbar 700 input change via google assistant command?



Thanks for reaching out.


With the Google Assistant, Bose integration, it is not possible to control the inputs. You can view all the features which are not available with Google Assistant below;


The following Google Assistant features are not available on Google Assistant-enabled Bose products:

  • Phone calls
  • Chromecast functionality (i.e. "Hey Google, play on [Bose speaker]")
  • Setting a Bose speaker as a default audio device for a Google speaker
  • Creating Google speaker groups that include Bose speakers
  • Continued conversation
  • Sleep timers (i.e. "Hey Google, stop playing music after 30 minutes)
  • Moving music from one speaker to another
  • Play everywhere
  • Setting presets
  • Playing presets
  • Controlling home theater devices (i.e. changing inputs or channels)
  • Switching to or from the Bluetooth® source on your product
  • Broadcast / intercom feature
  • The Google Play music service
  • The YouTube Music service
  • The Amazon Music service
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