Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

@Andrzej K. 


I didnt think of that I will try that when I get home from work thank you 😊 

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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

HI Mate tried all ways it is not working still can do anybody has a solution for this issue i have connected by Tv with optical cable to bose speaker after this not able to control the volume of the speaker through TV remote every time i have to have carry bose remote and TV remote to control the volume where as with HDMI connection volume was controlled through TV remote. If anybody has fix of this please let me know how to control the volume through TV remote when connected with optical cable


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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

@Andrzej K. I tried your method as well as swichting CEC to Alternative and does now solve my situation, only makes it worse with LG C9 TV. (Soundbar will not turn on unless set to on for advanced CEC but of course no CEC audio control.).


Really hoping Bose is going to come to the table with a resoluition soon.


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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

Hmmm, strange. 

But did you try to not configure your TV in the Bose app ?

So the steps are simple:

1) Remove TV and any other device from soundbar via the app

2) Switch off (unplug from power outlet) both, TV and soundbar

3) Wait for like a minute or so

4) Power on both

5) Do not reset any previously saved things from app

6) Advanced cec is to be set to "on" - to be on all the time

7) if you are rocking LG TV, then under general you should have cec options and under those the "Auto power on sync" or something like that - enable it

8) Do not configure any device in Bose app, use it only to configure sound or adaptiq etc, but do not add TV or anything there 

9) Use only your TVs remote. 


This one for now worked for me for 5 days straight and I have lg oled65b8.

Let me know if this one is what you have tried Smiley Happy

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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

Correct I followed everything you referenced for my LG C9.  Nothing is configured in bose for devices, only using Apple TV, TiVo Remote, or LG Remote, never the BOSE remote. (All worked prior to the FW flawlessly.)



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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

I have had the same issue loss of sound from SB700 with my LG75" screen bose advised that my tv, hdmi cable or soundbar may be at fault and decided to send me a new hdmi cable and optical cable. I cannot switch the tv off and on each time to regain sound because they are wall mounted with the sockets behind the screen. New HDMI cable did not resolve the issue however optical cable does work. I can retain remote control features - your bose remote has learning facility of other remotes and can be completed via the web app. Dissapointed that Bose did not own up to this as a known issue and tried placing the blame in other areas i.e. the t.v!! Transperancy and honesty go along way Bose!!

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SB 700 doesn’t sound TV after you turn off and on the tv

I bought a sb 700 I had to spend long time to have it working with my lg tv. 

Now when I turn off and on the tv the soundbar doesn’t sound anymore. 

The only solution that sometimes works is unplug the power on soundbar. 

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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC



This is is my first post. I just purchased the Soundbar 700 and Bass Module 700 this past weekend to pair with my brand new Sony xbr65x950g TV. However, I haven’t had the time to unbox or setup the components yet. 


I received an email from Bose inviting me to join this community. I am both glad and concerned now that I did. 


This thread (and the other re: 700 HDMI ARC issues) is freaking me out that perhaps I bought the wrong product. I went with Bose for premium quality and ease of use. It seems that when working, it’s wonderful. But that’s a pretty big if, according to these threads. 


So serious question because I’m panicking a bit right now: Keep my Bose SB700 and BM700 and cross my fingers that this will be fixed in the very near future, or return them and buy a Sony HT-ST5000 or the Samsung HW-950 or HW-Q90r?


I do not have the time to go through this whole troubleshooting process multiple times. 


I’d appreciate your honest advice. Thanks. 


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Re: Soundbar 700 no audio with ARC

Hey bud.


For what it’s worth, I have the SB700, BM700, and the 2 rear speakers and for the past 6 months this system has been incredible. However, I have had numerous minor software issues in addition to this major one. For example, if you just ask Alexa to play music, it switches to music mode and even after you stop playing music and start using your tv it won’t switch back until you manually change inputs on the remote (no app or voice option). There are a bunch of little things like this that have been frustrating.


As a software engineer myself, I can say with certainty Bose is a hardware company, and cannot deliver on the software side of things which is really not okay nowadays.


If you’re looking for ease of use, this is not your system. In fact, I know how hard this must be to hear because this I’m sure was a major investment for you, I do regret my purchase.


If you don’t mind not having support for Dolby Atmos, which almost stopped me from buying this bose system, I know for a fact there’s only one way to go. Sonos. All of my friends have Sonos systems and I’m constantly impressed by them. A Sonos soundbar and bass module is flawless. Super easy, amazing quality audio and software. I always figured Sonos was more for music than movies, but not the case. You can even expand the system in incredible ways with rear speakers that can double as independent speakers you can bring outside or put around the house when you have company.


Good luck! Keep us posted!

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Re: SB 700 doesn’t sound TV after you turn off and on the tv

Newest firmware broke arc... there’s a popping thread about this if you’re interested. Not too late to return for you?