Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

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Re: Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

Hey Justin.  Ok, you have to enable Alexa to have access to your Logitech Harmony Hub in the skills area.


Start here.


It is pretty straight forward.




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Re: Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

@CoreyT Thanks for you suggestions. I'm running the exact same setup as you with the exact same issues. Soundbar 700 & Logitech Harmony Elite Remote, Hub, App. I'm still having the intermettent problem with the input not always switching back to TV after doing anything else and it's driving me and my wife nuts. She even threw the harmony at the TV this moring she was so upset (pre-coffee). I have the mini blaster sitting to the left of the SB and that seemed to help some but deff not perfect. ~75% sucess rate. Wondering why the mini blaster actually helps? Isn't the signal to the SB 700 bluetooth only mini blaster is IR right? The bose remote is a total mess to manage on their app and for me is unuseable at this point. 


@Tony_A is there a way to set up / modify the bose app to set a default source on SB start up so if all else fails you can turn everying off and back on again and be good to go and not have to dig the bose remote out of the drawer?


Starting to regret the "upgrade" to this soundbar. Sounds great but if can't contol it from the most common / best universal remote on the market I think I will be forced to start looking at other soundbar options from diffrent vendors as the come out. 




Re: Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

Hi Philschmitt77,


There is no way to set a specific source for power on.  The Soundbar will turn onto the last used source on the system.


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Re: Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

Hey Phil,


Sorry I missed this question.


1) I don't have my blaster sitting to the left.  I have it directly in front of the soundbar on the left side, pointing back at the bar.  It is sitting about 2 inches in from the left edge and pointed at the bar.  Maybe there is a legacy  IR receiver there on the board?  Not sure...but it is working 100% of the time there.  NOW, there are times when the Soundbar 700 becomes non-responsive.  I think after a certain amount of time, Alexa gets scrambled and the bar with go non-responsive.  Sometimes, it happens after a series of pops, so something is not right.  However, even when the bar goes non-responsive, it is still playing sound.  For example, I am watching a movie and everything is fine, but then Alexa wigs out and the bar goes non-responsive without me knowing it.  The movie sound is still playing during this time.  NOW, when I try to mute the bar...nothing happens.  If I try to adjust the volume...nothing happens...but the sound keeps playing.  However, it is not the Logitech remote.  If you look, you will see that the bar still shows the volume up and down led indicators responding to the IR signal.  The only way to get the bar to work again is to unplug and replug it.


2) Standby mode - I have completely disabled standby mode on mine to see if this helps with the non-responsive doesn't seem to.  I was testing whether the bar was going into standby and not coming back out...but there seems to be no improvement.


3) DO NOT MUTE Alexa for now.  There is a touch capacitive button to mute alexa on the soundbar.  When active, it shows a little red led light on the left side.  I started muting her because I thought that would help with the non-responsive state.  It does not.  It seems to make it a lot worse.  I was getting timeouts and non-responsive states within 30 minutes often while the bar was muted.  


4) LAN versus WiFi.  I don't know if this is having any impact.  I have been testing it with WiFi and LAN and I get non-responsive states in both.  I even set up my router to reserve the IP address on the network so that Alexa could have open access to the internet and that is not fixing it.


TLDR - Alexa or internet connectivity is timing out and causing the bar to become non-responsive to remotes.  I think we need a new firmware asap.  My Bose Smart Speaker 500 never has this issue.  I have had it plugged in for weeks and Alexa has been flawless.  So from what I can tell it is not the chip or logic, there is something in the Soundbar firmware that is causing it to glitch out.



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Re: Soundbar 700 "TV" Input - Logitech Harmony Elite with Harmony HUB

I had similar behaviors until I disabled Bluetooth. Now the sound bar is stable but that feature is lost. Hopefully Bose fixes the problem so I can try it again. For me this works since I use it mainly for watching tv.