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May 4, 2020

Soundbar 700

Bought your Bose Soundbar 700. Can anyone please tell me

1. how can i play MP3 (other made) music via the said soundbar, I can connect the soundbar via MP3 bluetooth but the soundbar does not playback the music from my MP3 device. In case the Bose Soundbar does not accept MP3 connection via bluetooth, can I use any cable to connect it and play MP3 via the cable?

2, I have other bose soundtouch speakers, how can I connect it together with soundbar 700?

3. What is the DATA jet at the back of the soundbar for? 


Anyone helps?


Re: Soundbar 700

Hey kk-cheese,


I hope you're enjoying your soundbar so far! Where do you have the MP3 audio saved, onto a device that has Bluetooth? If so, you should be able to connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth, to play the music.


In regard to connecting other speakers, they will need to be operating on the Bose Music app to be grouped and used in the Bose Music app. SoundTouch speakers will use the SoundTouch app which is slightly different, and therefore cannot be grouped with the Soundbar 700.


The DATA port on the soundbar is solely used by our service team to pull system logs if that is ever required.


Are there any other queries you have?

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