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Dec 10, 2020

Trouble connecting soundbar to music app

I can’t connect my soundbar 300 to the Bose music app. The remote that came with the soundbar doesn’t have the “music symbol” button, it has the bass button, so when I try to hold the mute and bass button it doesn’t open sync for the app to recognize the soundbar. This is ridiculous. Help. 




Re: Trouble connecting soundbar to music app

Hello Jadamcyk, 


Thanks for reaching out!


You can find full instructions for the setup of the soundbar here. Please note, that you mentioned the remote that came with the soundbar features a BASS button and not a music symbol. This would suggest you may be using a Bose TV speaker, not the Bose Smart Soundbar 300. While looking similar, they are very much different products with different features. The TV speaker does not feature Bose Music app support. To be sure, you can enter your serial number on this page to get product details. 



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