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Apr 29, 2020

Trouble with 700 series surround speakers and omnijewel floor stands

I recently purchased the 700 series surround speakers through Bose and the Omni Jewel Floor Stands for them through Amazon. Both speakers work fine and once I received the stands I put them together and had no problem with one of them, but the other one will not play the speaker when screwed in, etc. Remember both speakers were functioning fine out of the box and with just the bottoms they come with. It is the one side only and it has to do with part 2 of the floor stand-which is the part where the speaker connects with the intact floor stand. It will work if i push and angle it back some-so that the prongs make contact with the stand in such a way that there is contact perfectly.  I do not have this problem with the other floor stand and speaker what so ever. I spoke with Amazon, and they said I would have to return both stands for replacements, so I figured I would come here and see if anyone had ever experienced such an issue and to see if it is possible to just maybe order that one part to try replacing that? Thoughts?


Thanks guys,