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Mar 12, 2019

Voting table, solutions to problems and wishes.

Good afternoon, I have long wanted to draw your attention to such a problem.

I often sit on the forum and see how much any information from users is forgotten and not solved.

Let’s ask Bose to make a table of problems with voting on the priority of the decision.

The more votes, the more important the problem, so that big problems are solved faster than many small ones in the update.

Make the same table for the wishes of developers on adding functions. We are the owners, we make bose better because we have more time to test the product and also third-party devices at home that we associate with bose products.
I am surprised that such a company does not use such a well-known scheme for finalizing and eliminating errors.

I also want to note that there is no vote on the efficiency of updating updates, how often we users would like to receive

Here is an example

-Once a week
-Once a month
-Once in two months
- Once a month (but to solve big problems as quickly as possible)
- Once a month (with a large set of new features, error correction can be expected.)