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Nov 8, 2019

development of my multiroom environment what do i need

Hello all

I'm ready to deploy my music and videos throughout the house. this is my current setup.


In my living room i have an HTPC (let's call it HTPC1) is equipped with an M-Audio 1010lt sound card with analogue breakout cables, which is connected and acts as a preamplifier to a McIntosh amp and to magnaplaners speakers.


I currently listen to all my media via kodi.


My media resides on a Freenas NAS that is managed by emby.

My requirements are:


  1. To listen to my music in all my rooms.


For this i read that i can connect a multi room environment to my currant system and I can have this as the main source for my media.


i could accomplish this with WIFI enabled speakers in each room. Sometime a room with 1 speaker and some rooms with 2 speakers in stereo mode. Fine


I Would like to build and add a second HTPC (let's call it HTPC2) to my environment. this unit will be located in a media room and used mainly to view movies (and sometime listen to music) in this room


i would install 2 wifi enabled speakers and will get the media from my servers. In this room I can have an additional analogue pre and amp installed that I currently have doing nothing. The media in this room will only play in this room.


once all this is setup, I would like the possibility to listen to music or view a movie in a specific room connecting a phone, laptop tablet with kodi installed on it and connected to my NAS and listen to the audio through one of the speaker(s) in that room. Whilst others may be in the living room listening (or viewing something else)


I love my current setup and (for music) I will continue to use it.


I do not have any speaker for these rooms and I would require at least 6 more speakers.


What would I need to accomplish this?

Is this at all possible. If not, what would you recommend?


thank you

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Oct 18, 2017

Re: development of my multiroom environment what do i need

I think your question is beyond the expertise of most here.  If you go with Bose, you can use a Bose Soundtouch soundbar and add Soundtouch speakers throughout the house.  Or, you can go with a Bose Soundbar 700 and use the Bose Music app and other Bose speakers based on the Bose Music app throughout the house.


On the other hand, Sonos may be better suited for what you are trying to do.  Or, you can use Roon and Roon enabled end-point devices throughout the house, each with attached speakers.  I'm not sure how that interfaces with your video though.