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May 15, 2020

soundbar 700 universal remote TV Input key open Menu setting

Today i upgraded from Bose LS-18 to soundbar 700. All work fine except the TV input button, seems like my TV don't support eARC/ARC function. The sound is coming via optical cable but the problem is whenever i press the TV Input button the its open the Menu setting on screen and this make me unable to change my TV inputs with the bose remote. Is there any way i can manually program the TV input button on bose universal remote.


I try adding TV in music app it says successfully added your Haier TV (65inch model LE65B8500U) but when i press the input tv key it opens Menu settings on screen. I removed the TV and added 3 times and all 3 times it added successfully but keep opening menu setting instead of showing input screen option. Please advise how i can manually program the TV input key on bose universal remote.

The bose remote is almost doing fine with amazon fire stick except the home button and back button features are not working but this is managed.




Re: soundbar 700 universal remote TV Input key open Menu setting

Hi letsmailme,


Thanks for posting and joining us in the community! I hope you are enjoying your new soundbar. Let's get this remote up and running with your TV correctly.


The first thing I would want to check, as the TV Input button is opening your menu, if you were to press the Menu button on the remote, would this open the input selection? Just in case for some reason the codes for your TV are set up slightly differently.


Are you able to use all the other buttons the remote to control your TV? Is the TV Input the only button you are having trouble with?


There isn't any way to individually program a button on the remote, but there should be no need to. If when programming the remote it confirmed it had set up for your model of TV, then it will have the codes provided by the manufacturer ready to go. It may just take a bit of testing to find which button is mapped to which function if they are not lined up 1-1 for any reason.


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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