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Jun 24, 2019

Re: Bose Sound Bar 700 und Samsung One Connect Box

Nach etwas googeln befürchte ich tatsächlich, dass es am TV liegt. Der kann das Signal nicht durchschleifen. Ich werde die 700er wohl umtauschen müssen und mir eine Soundbar mit HDMI Anschluss für alle Geräte holen

Re: Bose Sound Bar 700 und Samsung One Connect Box

Hallo @Swiffer,


danke für Deine Antwort. Eine weitere Idee wäre, den Support von Samsung zu kontaktieren. Es kann sein, dass die Mitarbeiter einige Vorschläge haben bzw. Dir eine neuere Firmware für Deinen Fernseher anbieten können.


Sag Bescheid, ob das etwas bringt.


Beste Grüße

-    Ben

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Dec 25, 2019

Re: Bose Sound Bar 700 und Samsung One Connect Box

hi, just to share some experiences, as I have the same combo (as of today 😎).


beside the fact, that the standard sound experience with the soundbar700 is great and might not bring you in a situation to search for more advanced features, I checked for more dynamic and stumbled across various sound settings and here we are:

My receiver vu+ solo2 is connected to hdmi1 and bosesb700 is connected to hdmi4 (ARC): 

phase 1: learning and understand to turn off any synthetic features on the sound producer (in our case the receiver), so that we have a very simple and full signal on the smartbox. so turned on extended pcm and turned off 3d support or similar.

phase 2: checking the soundsettings of the tv(smartbox) on samsung: here the input i set to bitstream and output to : dts neo 2:5 . first whoaw 🥳 ... cool dynamic and better bass . but wait ... there are some other options which are greyed out ... Dolby ?

phase 3: checked out a channel on the receiver, where dolby format is available and selected it. no immediate effect (still greyed out in the smart box), BUT: after checked in A/V settings of the reciever I found settings about dolby (on/off) I enabled them and voila ... in the menu of soundsettings of smart connect box I could choose dolby settings where the bass is not that boosted and well balanced ... but it depends on your preference.


So, I would say, that this Samsung connectbox of the series8 is capable to process and pass dolby thorugh to our soundbar700 



first check general AV settings of the receiver

second check the sound settings and sources of current channel

third check the sound settings of TV(smartconnect box)


finally: this combo works for me with dolby and not only pcm or dts2:5.

(receiver vu+)