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Nov 28, 2016

14.0.33 experiences on a Soundtouch 300

I was glad to have been able to update to the latest firmware using the info Mattius provided.

i seriously hope that Bose will support this way of updating for the more tech/tweakers among us as it worked great!


Some findings:


1. good to see http://speakerip/test.html gone, its fun but does not belong there

2. HDMi input port nw works better with the newly bought Nintendo Switch! previously I had problems like having to first turn on the nintendo Switch, then the soundbar or I would not have a picture on the TV Now it does not matter, so thats a fix!

3. Great to see new stuff like audio settings, volume setting. nice



After the update the speaker did not want to wake up anymore using the IR remote and pressing a preset. I fixed this by removing the speaker from the app, resetting to factory default and re-adding it.Perhaps drastic, but I like to start clean after an update anyway.



1. Will you support/use http://speakerip/update.html for future manual updates?

2. Will you develop a full working webinterface? enhance the current http://speakerip/index.html where we can see some stats like current playing stream audio details like DD 5.0 or 2.0. Great to use that as a virtual display

3. will there be an insider program / beta program?


Thanks for the update, it is a step forward.

But please change the way updates are spread, and add the manual option / force update.

And keep on being more transparent, faster with info, keep the users in the loop and keep them informed about what they can expect and when. soon is a **bleep**ty answer 🙂



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Feb 28, 2017

Re: 14.0.33 experiences on a Soundtouch 300

I might be wrong, but I believe there is a built in way to force an update. Read Page 38 of the downloadable owners manual from the Soundtouch 300 information webpage.
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Oct 16, 2016

Re: 14.0.33 experiences on a Soundtouch 300

Believe hold the Soundtouch button, then press the CC button, snd it will manually look for updates.

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Jan 19, 2017

Re: 14.0.33 experiences on a Soundtouch 300

Has anyone had the 14.0.33 update today?

Nothing here in the UK 

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Apr 3, 2016

Re: 14.0.33 experiences on a Soundtouch 300

They are 6 hrs behind us, 5 behind the UK, they just started working now 🙂