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Jan 15, 2017

Re: Updated: Airplay Delay Issue

Hi Brendan,


Please can you PM me the patch that fixes the Airplay delay issue as I'm also suffering from this problem.


Thank you.


Re: Updated: Airplay Delay Issue

Hi finchs,


I'll be sending you a message momentarily.




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Nov 1, 2014

Re: Updated: Airplay Delay Issue

Hi Brandon,
Bose team.
When will the SW be finally permanent fixed and a SW update available?
This is now broken since December or November broken by Bose!
Without AirPlay the whole box doesn't make sense.
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Re: Updated: Airplay Delay Issue

Bose Best Answer selected by Community Manager Jason_G

Final Update - 1/24




We have additional information regarding this issue to provide.  


It can be confirmed now that the fix for this Airplay issue will be included as part of our scheduled February update.  Apologies for any unclear information we may have provided about it being included in an older release. 


As a reminder, the issue being addressed is a symptom of an Airplay compatible SoundTouch system (Series 1 or 2) where Airplay appears to make the connection but there is a delay in the start of audio for several minutes.  This update may not resolve other types of Airplay issues and users are encouraged to report any ongoing issues after the update in a new post.


Users who have previously installed a custom firmware for this issue should not need to do anything other than accept this update when it is released.  If anyone who used the custom firmware finds that their system is not updating to the new version after release should create a new discussion here to report it.  A huge THANK YOU to these users for providing feedback on the impact the changes that we made on Airplay performance.  As of now, we are not distributing this firmware and users should wait for the full update in February.



Once a final date for the release is available, it will be provided here in the community.  


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Re: 2/23/17 - Updated: Airplay Delay Issue (Solution)

Update 2/23/17


Good afternoon,


Some users on this forum had previously been offered and installed a SoundTouch patch software to improve performance of Airplay.  We’re happy to share that this piece of software was included in our 14.0.30 full release has begun rolling out today.  It’s worth noting that although there is currently an app update available in the Google Play and iTunes app stores, your systems themselves may update later in the day. 


Once the update is complete and you have confirmed that your SoundTouch system is running software version 14.0.30, you will need to enable the option within the app.  To do this, select any Series 1 or 2 system and select the “gear” settings icon to the left of the speaker image.  From there, scroll down to “Advanced Setup” and enable the “Airplay Optimization” setting by toggling it to the right.   Pictures of these screens are below.


Airplay 1.jpgAirplay 2.jpg


Thank you for your patience during this period of time.  If you need any assistance in the future, please visit post in the community or contact your local support team.