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May 15, 2016

2 More SoundTouch Units Purchased Today

Just added the 2pack of ST 10's to my ST300, wireless sub, and ST30.  The ST10's really put out more sound presence than I would have thought, but wish they could go a little louder.  I find myself playing both of them at 3/4 volume alot of the time.  Thanks to the 5GHz booster, and sticking to only 5GHz from my iPhone wifi, each of them registered and updated without any issues.  They sound great in my master bedroom.


Next ST will be an outdoor version of the ST30, ideally an ST60, water resistant, UV resistant.


Bose, you can utilize your Free Space 51 form factor, use aluminum instead of green plastic, rubber buttons on the top like the ST10/20/30, water proof floating remote, wifi, blue tooth, speaker pairing, price point around $699 a pair or $399 separately each.