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Aug 27, 2018

2ea. Sound touch 10s will not play simultaneously

Purchased 2ea. Sound touch 10's and cannot get them to play simultaneously.
The Bose app will play them individually only. I have installed the app &
reinstalled the app. Tried it with the laptop, phone & tablet. Program & reprogrammed both speakers through different devices. Reset the speakers, devices, router etc. Searched the web and tried other suggestions such as manual reset, pressing #4 & - etc. Tried the group & stereo pair. I even bought a 3.5 mm aux cord to connect both speakers hoping they would play simultaneously. Tried the premium accounts for Amazon music which supports broadcast, Pandora & Spotify. Been trying everything for about 3 weeks now & only two times the music played simultaneously but when you shutdown & try again later no luck
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: 2ea. Sound touch 10s will not play simultaneously

Hi Daniel,


Thanks for the post.  If you refer to this stickied thread, you can send a private message with your information to be added to a test build of firmware that fixes this issue.  When you send a message, please include your router brand and model.



Brandon - Community Support