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Nov 2, 2014

AVRCP 1.x support / Tittle 'UNKNOWN'



I have a Soundtouch 30 III and a Soundtouch 120 system at home.


Whenever i connect one of our Apple products to the SoundTouch system(s) by bleutooth we never get the song / tittle info on the display. it always says 'UNKNOWN' on the display.


All systems have the latest firmware / software updates and are max. 1 year old. I seems to do with the AVRCP version Apple & Bose are using. Why don't they work togheter so we users don't have this kind of problem?


According Bose it's a Apple problem ... according Apple it's a Bose problem and we are in the middle of it.


So Bose, why don't you fix this? It's only a software problem?