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Sep 25, 2018

Acoustimass 300 disconnecting after inactive for some time

Dear Team,


I bought a soundTouch 300 around 10days back and after couple of days I bought Acoustimas 300(woofer). I could connect/pair the woofer successfully and it was playing good. 


But if I am not playing any music for couple of hours or more, the acoustimass is loosing connectivity.  ( usually I power of only in soundTouch App )

What I did to sovle this?:

1. poweroff the acoustimass and power on it after 1-2 mins and checked the connectivity. In soundTouch App and in soundTouch bar it showed as connected but there is sound from accoustimass. --- No luck.

2. I powered OFFand ON both SoundTouch and acoustimass, this worked!!!

I have updated the software of soundTouch bar when it asked in the soundToch app. Sofware is up to date.. I get this message from app once in couple of days....It reveals that the problem is not happening with software is old etc....


So every time if I am not using the system for a while, I have power off and on the system which is highly frustrating despite spending so much on music system. It is very disappointing to see this issue from BOSE.


Please suggest on this. I am thinking to return the system.


Thank you.



Community Manager

Re: Acoustimass 300 disconnecting after inactive for some time

Hi ravienu


Thanks for posting in the Community!  I'm sorry to hear about the connectivity issues, but I'd be happy to help!


Can you try and force an update to the system while the bass module is connected wirelessly to the soundbar?  To do this, follow these steps HERE.  I would recommend try the update while using the Bose remote.  


Let us know how it goes!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support