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Feb 20, 2017

AdaptIq fail (Error 1) After removing Virtually Invisible 300



I had a problem and found a Solution Myself, but decided I will post it here since it might help someone else.


I bought the SoundTouch 300 and the VI300, pluged everything and tested it.. without doing the AdaptIq setup. 1 Hour later I had Arc issues and could not hear any sound.

I was angry and repackaged everything for return.


Then I saw here about update .28 to solve HDMI ARC, so decided to give the Soundtouch 300 an extra chance.

My System never updated (still .18) but at least sound is working now.


I tried to do AdaptIQ with my child around doing noise:

- Got Error 2... ok ok fair I'll try later when they go to bed.

- Then later I tried at least 20 times .. and always had the Error 1 no sound detected.

- Rebooted, unplugged (Error 1..no sound detected) and when trying yielling in the headset ... error 2... so the headset was working...


It turn out that my ST300 remembered that I was suppose to have VI 300, and that the error 1 - no sound detected was because of them (Left them in their box... until I trust the product enough).

Did a factory reset, and AdaptiQ worked on first try.


My problem is solved, but I post here so that if someone do like I did and search the forum... he will find this post! Good luck!