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Oct 5, 2014

Airplay 2 multiroom support

Why is it you close down threads about this subject all the time says there is to much misinformation. 


You do realize that there is so much becauser Bose won't provide us any thing other than a yeah its coming later comment. 


Thats what you said about Apple music several years ago.


I think as Customers we are entiltled to a better answer on this subject. I expect one soon if you ever want me to buy another product from bose. 


Think about that before you close this thread. 

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Nov 24, 2016

Re: Airplay 2 multiroom support

The reason they shut down the thread was because they just released the sucessor to the SoundTouch products:


The SoundTouch speakers will start their slow death, as Bose instead pivots to support their new speakers.  Well, I think we can probably agree that the slow death started a while ago.


Knowing how angry and bitter people were in that thread, the mods probably opted to just close the thread, as once people got wind of the new product release they knew we would not be happy.