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Sep 12, 2016

Airplay 2

Airplay 2 was promised in 2019 and it isnt here yet for Soundtouch speakers. Bose lied yet again both the forum admins and the sales people

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Apr 16, 2019

Re: Airplay 2

AirPlay2 is my last hope to finally be able to enjoy a system I invested a lot of money in. 

Other than a couple of posts in the last couple of months pointing to an “eventual” implementation of this protocol, Bose has been extremely quiet for much of the last 18 months. 

It’s unfortunate for three reasons.


1. They have not delivered on their promise even though we”re well past the timeframe they set out. 

2. They obviously don’t value their customers enough to extend them the courtesy of telling them, once and for all, whether this is even possible on this platform, which is something they have had ample time to test and assess given how late in the game this is. 

3. Every day that goes by without having an alternative to their shoddy software to play music in multiple rooms of my home, I and a lot of other customers (remember those of us posting comments here are the tip of the iceberg) are dealing with a stranded asset. Our money is sunk in this system with no information to even allow us to make an informed decision on whether to divest ourselves and go in a different direction. this might be acceptable for a a period of weeks or a few months, but we are now counting years, which is completely unacceptable.