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Mar 9, 2017

Airplay delay issue with 16.x

Well it seems this is a massive Problem here... Not only some little issue. 


And Iam not changing my perfectly working network for a failure in the update process which comes directly from Bose. I don't understand why here is no working update coming. Again for the support guys at Bose:


While activating the airplay for a youtube video, the audio delay is about 3 seconds. Thats new and it makes it impossible to watch or listen to Videos. The delay, until the Soundtouch jumps in, is round about 3 seconds. The same for Music via iTunes. 


If I start streaming radio, or bluetooth to my St10, I don't have the issue. The systems play correctly together. 


We are all exspecting an update to come! Please stop telling us how to reconfigure our Networks! The update didn't overwrite my router settings... 

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Feb 12, 2017

Re: Airplay delay issue with 16.x

A bit of background on my experience to date:

ST20 purchased, used for music, no problem at all.
Q1 2017, after doing research, was advised by Bose employee that ST300 was fully compatible with all ST devices, and that they could be used as surround speakers. I purchased ST300.

Issue 1: HDMI ARC issue - reported, discussed on forum, still not resolved, see other posts for details.

Issue 2: surround sound via ST devices, informed may not be possible and need to buy virtual invisible speakers, incorrect sales information given.

Could not return item as after 28days by this point.

Issue 3: was advised via forum from administrator to upgrade ST300 to new version of software as this should fix HDMI ARC issue, I didn't do this because I had read reports of the update effectively turning the speaker into a brick, so I remained on 14.x

Issue 4: yesterday when launching the Bose app, it forced me to do an update (details of versions and problem are in my previous post).

I work in IT, there is absolutely nothing wrong with my network, both devices are in the same room, which is the room next to where the router is. The router broadcasts on 2.4 and 5ghz. All other devices work perfectly on the network.