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Dec 21, 2016

Airplay disconnecting SoundTouch 30 series II

I have a Soundlink and a Soundtouch 30 Series II. The Soundlink works perfectly on my WiFi system and is the furthest from the router. The 30-II only reliably connected when I first purchased the speaker many firmware updates ago. I cannot use AirPlay unless I have an ethernet connection to a computer or router. I have had this problem for at least two years. Over a year ago it was escalated to engineering and never solved. With the speaker next to my router the AirPlay signal is dropped typically within 5 min or less of starting to play. It is not the router signal nor anything else as my Soundlink speaker never fails! My solution was to set the speaker next to the router and connect with an ethernet cable. This issue does not affect internet radio for me and I do not have Spotify so I cannot comment. It is certainly sad that the software does not function properly but I gave up on this one. I am waiting to see what happens with AirPlay2 before I decide to purchase any more Bose products. That is a pity as I would like to replace my Bose 650 floor speakers with a new Soundbar and wireless woofer/surround speakers.  I am not willing to invest until I see how the AirPlay 2 turns out.