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Dec 9, 2016

Alexa Skill Bose SoundTouch Italiano

Hi everyone,
I wanted to put the skill on Alexa and check my soundtouch 20 but what I found on the Alexa Skill Bose website for SoundTouch Italiano doesn't work.
Can you help me ? where can I download the right skill in Italian?
Thank you

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Feb 26, 2019

Re: Alexa Skill Bose SoundTouch Italiano

Hi there Giorgio, and thanks for reaching out!


The main Alexa Skill page for SoundTouch currently has the supported languages of :

  • English (AU),
  • English (CA),
  • English (GB),
  • English (IN),
  • English (US),
  • French (CA),
  • French (FR),
  • German (DE),
  • Italian (IT),
  • Japanese (JP),
  • Spanish (ES),
  • Spanish (MX)

As such, you should be able to use the Bose skill directly for your language. You can do this from the link above, or by opening the Alexa app, selecting the Menu icon in the top left, followed by "Skills and Games". From there, click the search in the top right, type "Bose", and the skill should simply be labelled "Bose" followed by "Smart Home".


I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Liam W - Community Support