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Aug 4, 2017

Android app works but desktop app can't find speakers

I have a Soundtouch 20. The Android app works fine, I can do everything with the SoundTouch. However, the desktop app (Windows 10) is having chronic problems, giving me the error message "Hmmm, can't find any of your speakers..."

At the very same moment that the PC app says it can't find it, the Android app finds it just fine and I can do everything.


If I go through a bunch of the troubleshooting steps (reboot, power off/on, delete and re-add the SoundTouch, press and hold #4 and Volume -, all that stuff) I can sometimes get it the PC app to work for a while, but then if I go back later or the next day, it is broken again.


My Android is connected to my home WiFi, I have verified this and the Android works with all of my other connected devices on my home WiFi.


The SoundTouch is one room away from the router and the signal is 100% so I do not need to move the SoundTouch closer to the router.


The SoundTouch must be connected to my home WiFi in some capacity because it is able to find and play music from my PC's music library. I have even made changes to the PC music library and the Android app sees the changes. Yet the same PC that serves the music library says "Hmmm, can't find any of your speakers..."

Any ideas?


The first one who says "Just use the Android and forget the PC app" gets a poke in the eye. If I was happy with that I wouldn't have bothered to write in.


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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Android app works but desktop app can't find speakers

Hi Dan Z,


I'm sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing. It is certainly interesting that you are able to play stored music on this computer from the Android app. This shows that your computer, mobile-device, and SoundTouch speaker are all connected to the same network. Here are a few steps we can try:



  • Assuming your PC is running Windows, please make sure Media Sharing is enabled. You can find instructions for this HERE
  • If you have a dual-band router that is providing both a 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band, try toggling your computer's Wi-Fi connection to each option, to see if one works. Please view my response on this THREAD for some tips on checking this
  • Close and reopen the SoundTouch app on your computer. Restarting the application may resolve connection and performance issues. This action will also restart the SoundTouch Music Server if it is not running
  • If there are multiple programs running, try closing all media playing programs and any program or service that may be syncing data in the cloud. This will reduce the amount of resources in use by the device and possibly resolve any conflicts among applications

  • Is the computer connected to any type of Wi-Fi extender or repeater? If so, try disconnecting this (temporarily) to see if this resolves any issues

  • Reboot the SoundTouch 20 

    • Turn the system off

    • On the system, push and hold the AUX button for 15 seconds

  • Reboot the computer

  • Temporarily disable your operating system's firewall, and any third party firewalls installed on your computer. If this fixes the issue: turn your firewalls back on, and go through the firewall settings. Make sure both the SoundTouch App and SoundTouch Music Server are being given permissions. 

  • Lastly, try uninstalling the SoundTouch app from your computer, and reinstalling from HERE


Let us know if these steps help!


Best regards,