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Sep 6, 2016

App compleatly unstable. Support unhelpful

please see my previous post. 
The problem. I have four parts to my system, the app will not let me link them. It tells me either my mobile devise is not linked to the network , it is. Or the parts of the system are not linked , they are and are playing streaming music via the network. Before you ask and blame the network I have had it professionally checked and it is fine. Some times it works sometimes not. Have had to reboot whole system 20 times a day!
I have have attempted to access support by
1) this forum- unhelpful reply and no follow up
2) telephone - an international call at my expense put on hold for 30 mins then call dropped out
3) email - no reply
the system is marketed on its connectivity if this fails could have bought separate items cheaper and had less distress a system that causes more distress than pleasure is useless
advice please