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Nov 29, 2016

App features

Feature requests:

This one not essential but I believe would be popular amongst many users-
Could you add a 'speak to all' function? Basically just an easily accessible button that lets you use your speakers as a PA system while pressing (this should override any music currently playing) and automatically go to all speakers.
Like I said- certainly not essential- but would be cool and quite useful IMO.

Reminder about essential add ins (again IMO - but have seen these posted often):
Apple Music support
Ability to stop the auto standby, so that the speakers don't ungroup, and so your phone connects automatically to Bluetooth when you walk into the room.
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May 16, 2016

Re: App features

Hi jedoob,


Thank you for the post. A 'speak to all' feature sounds amazing and I will certainly pass this on to our dev team. Apple Music support, persistent grouping, and an auto Bluetooth connect are also great features as well that we will continue pass on as they roll in.


Thank you!