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Jun 27, 2015

App on PC sees only one of two systems

I have a lifestyle soundtouch 535 and a soundtouch 30
The soundtouch 535 is wired to the network, the soundtouch 30 is on the wifi.
I can see both with the app on my phone.
My PC (which is wired to the same switch as the 535) only intermittently sees the soundtouch 535.
WTH? I don't get why it can see the wifi system, but not the system that is hardwired in the same switch.
Any ideas what this could be?
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: App on PC sees only one of two systems

Hi Brian,
This is definitely unusual for a hard-wired connection. Is the 535 connected directly to your home router by Ethernet, Or do you have any hardware wired in line between them? Any switches, hubs, power-line adapters, etc. that act as intermediate stops could potentially interrupt communication on the ports that SoundTouch uses to discover speakers. If you have any devices of this type, try restarting them or (if feasible) eliminating them temporarily to test.
Thank you.