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Mar 24, 2018

Apple Airplay 2 and SoundTouch - Express support here please

I think it would be beneficial to express desire and support for Bose to provide Apple AirPlay 2 support on the SoundTouch product line. This way, Bose can see that there really is interest.


Please express support for AirPlay 2 on SoundTouch...

by "Liking" this post as a sort-of vote of interest.


Here is the Bose statement announcing this feature would be available by the end of 2018:


"We have prioritized AirPlay 2 for future inclusion into many of our SoundTouch systems via software update. We are working on the technical evaluation of AirPlay 2 and cannot provide schedule details at this time, but we are aiming for later this year." (Originally published June 27, 2017, then updated June 25, 2018)

Click: Link to Bose SoundTouch AirPlay 2 official announcement


I'm not intending this posting to become a gripe line...I am really hoping that by showing interest in AirPlay 2 Bose will follow through on their stated commitment to deliver the feature by the end of 2018 soon.

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Apr 16, 2019

Re: Apple Airplay 2 and SoundTouch - Express support here please

Interesting idea and can’t wait to see the response you get and if Bose finally gets off their keisters and provides a REAL update.