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Aug 31, 2016

Apple Music, Alexa, Tidal, Amazon Echo, Xbox One, Apple Watch oh my???

An Update would appreciated. My only move seems to be to sell my Bose equipment on Amazon and just rebuild by home system. 
I have been on this site for too many years now waiting for updates and answers that never come. Updates to features that should be integrated quickly like every other competitor. I currently have 3 Sound Touch 20 systems and the Bose Sount Touch 130 in what should be an awesome home music experience but this setup has failed me miserably. Either Bose is using their brilliant  speaker engineers to also create the software platform, which they are not equipped to do, or Bose corporate is giving them instructions tieing the software engineers hands behind there back. No group of software developers could be this incompetent and if so no HR department could be so bad at finding replacements. At this point I don't give a damn if you hate Apple, and consider Tidal a competitor to whatever other company you want to partner with and think Amazon might be a competitor in the speaker market one day but your lack of integration is killing this brand. This is exactly how blackberry died. Falling back on your core and not moving with the time. Its 2016 and its all about the connected house and my Bose system doesn't play well with anything. Within the next week I will be putting all of my systems for sale on Amazon and buying replacement speakers by sonos unless I can get some serious answers to any of the things we have been asking for the past few years. I was so sad to learn today that Sonos is now creating full integration with Amazon Alexa and even has an app out for the xbox one. Whys is Sonos leading the charge in every category and the biggest feature you guys have added in the last two years is a clock. Please give me any possible clue as to what you guys are planning to bring. If you never plan on integrating something we should know. If you are planning to work on it buy haven't started tell us to. These are a few things I would like added and would like to know if this will ever happen. We as a community have been complaining and waiting for too long.
Apple Music- 15 Million Subscribers and no support still? Supported by Sonos
Tidal Music- My preferred service. Supported by Sonos
Amazon Echo Control - Being developed by Sonos
Xbox One App - Available for Sonos
IFTTT Integration-??? Works with Sonos through various methods
Apple Watch Support- ???
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Jun 21, 2016

Re: Apple Music, Alexa, Tidal, Amazon Echo, Xbox One, Apple Watch oh my???

I couldnt agree more with this post.
After a lifetime of Bose support and a recent complete whole house "upgrade" to a Soundtouch 130, SA 5 Amp, speakers, etc.  I think I am ready to throw in the towel on Bose.
I have tried and tried to be patient and work with what Bose has to offer but this whole incompatibility with Apple is the last draw.
I simply want a way to hard wire connect my apple tv 3rd or 4th gen. directly to the ST system and treat it as an auxillary input....that way I could put on an Apple TV playlist and whalaa!...its broadcast to all Soundtouch speakers.....simple request right?...not with Bose.
I have the Apple TV HDMI'ed into the ST 130 "Aux" input and that works fine, but guess what....the SA 5 amp wont kick in and broadcast the 130 in "Aux" mode....Grrrrrr!
The only way to broadcast an Apple playlist or music is via bluetooth connection to the system.
Bluetooth streaming itunes to Bose option works only under perfect circumstances and conditions- i.e. no interference, competeing devices, etc. but is a failure otherwise.
I had a large gathering at my home this Labor weekend and all I wanted was to be able to play an Apple music/ itunes playlist to all speakers of the house and worked until guests arrived and their devices interfered with or they walked between the bluetooth connection of my ipad and bose system....constant stopping, dropping, pausing, was a disaster and I had to just shut it all down and play music through a single portable old BT speaker.
I was toiling with the whole house upgrade decision between Bose and Sonos and went with Bose due to loyalty and thinkng they would come through and support the worlds most popular music service (Apple) but am now going to be following SADLoyalists way and putting all my 2 month old Bose junk on Ebay or Amazon and re doing the entire system in Sonos.
Sorry Bose, you lost another one due to your inept ways.