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Nov 12, 2015

Re: Apple Music on Soundtouch

@Antti Multiroom wrote:

I have same system, with airport express, multiroom works perfectly, and those know supports even airplay 2! With five Soundtouch speaker and 5 airport express I get Apple Music to every room.


Great setup!

I understand the setup you cited, like mine may not be bleeding edge but the components are proven and reliable. I plan on using my gear for quite a few years. That is one reason I buy Bose and Apple products. As well, Airplay has worked very well with Apple products such as iMac, iPad, iPhone and Airport Express. Not so much with other AirPlay baked into products such as Bose and B and W in my experience. Thanks to the trusty 3.5 mm however, Apple AirPlay is very capable marrying Bose and SoundTouch. Now even with only one AirPlay device you can get multiroom on SoundTouch which is pretty good! Having Airport Express on each Bose speaker gives greater flexibility over AirPlay 2 around the house.


These digital audio signals have to be converted to analogue at some point along the chain. I have read the AE serves as a very good DAC adding to my excitement about using an Airport Express to facilitate AirPlay for SoundTouch.


Hope you are enjoying your gear.



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May 14, 2018

Re: Apple Music on Soundtouch

I agree, AE makes SoundTouch connectivity with your mac a slam dunk. Plus, what Bose lacks in tone control, you gain when using iTunes Equalizer and Audio MIDI Setup to stream from your mac.