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Sep 2, 2014

August 1st - Play All Update

In version 19.0.5, Bose applied security updates to our ST products to address the WPA2/KRACK security concerns. Bose conducts compatibility and regression testing to ensure any new updates are stable and meet the needs of our customers, although occasionally issues may appear as a result of changes made outside the control of Bose. During the investigation of the Play All concerns, Bose has identified an incompatibility between certain customer-deployed Wi-Fi networking gear and the 19.0.5 firmware update containing the fix for WPA2/KRACK. In an attempt to address the Play All concern and restore functionality to affected customers, we are looking to test a temporary patch that reverts the aforementioned firmware change. We are able to deploy this patch, version 19.0.9, to users upon request. 


We ask that those who began experiencing grouping or Play All issues after the 19.0.5 release, reach out to us via private message to the Community Admin account or by contacting technical support in your region.  As part of these request, please include your SoundTouch account email address. We also ask that you share make and model of the affected routers being used in your network.  If you are willing to validate this build and have concerns about WPA2/KRACK, we suggest reviewing information from the following websites on securing your home networks to mitigate this issue when using Bose ST products over Wi-Fi with WPA2 enabled:





We will be working closely with our network stack component vendor to understand the discovered incompatibilities and to produce a complete fix to address the WPA2/KRACK security concern while maintaining consistent product functionality.


Thank you for your patience and understanding