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Nov 1, 2015

BIG problem with Airplay

Why is it taking over 60secs for music to start playing to my ST30 via Airplay?
I hit play in iTunes, 65secs (or more) into the song the audio finally appears, not only that the audio drops out intermittently during playback
This seems to be a common problem - any chance of a fix coming???
OSX 10.10.5
Apple Time Machine, wifi RSSI is listed as 'good' under 'About'
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: BIG problem with Airplay

If you are able to update your iTunes to a newer version than 12.1.x on your current OS please try doing so. We noticed you have also posted on this thread that we currently have under investigation.
We will update there when we have new information to share.