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Nov 15, 2017

Bluetooth linking SoundTouch w/ SoundLink through app

Hello there! Apologies, I know this has been asked before but trawling through the posts I've still never had a definitive answer.


I know that you link ST with WiFi snd SL is Bluetooth, however I only use Bluetooth on my SoundTouch 10 because I use Apple Music.  I also know there is a 'play all' button in the app to broadcast to mutiple speakers through Bluetooth, so my question is, if I bought a SoundLink speaker and added that to my app, would I be able to play my music through both speakers?

I know I can't play any WiFi music out of both but I'm not trying, I just want to know if they can be linked with Bluetooth and only Bluetooth?


Thanks all!

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May 16, 2016

Re: Bluetooth linking SoundTouch w/ SoundLink through app

Hi wolfie_tc, 


Thank you for the question. Currently there is no way to wirelessly stream the same content to a SoundTouch system and a SoundLink system with only Bluetooth. Although your SoundTouch 10 does have Bluetooth, it needs to utilize your network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to rebroadcast the signal. Since our SoundLink systems can't connect to your network, they won't be able to receive the stream. Please let us know if you have any other questions! 


Kind Regards