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Aug 28, 2015

Bose Cinemate 220 SoundTouch not working anymore


Since a few months I have often problems with the soundtouch module and internet radio. Almost everyday when power on the Bose Cinemate and play internet radio with the soundtouch it does not work and I have to shutdown and power on again before I hear internet radio. First I thought it is maybe wifi so I connected the SoundTouch with an ethernet cable but that didn't do anything the result was the same as with WiFi. Then I thought maybe it is the network but vtuner plays all my radiostations directly with bith, WiFi and the cable. So I did reset the Cinemate to factory defaults via menu 16, but now the soundtouch does nothing anymore. When I press the sountouch button on the remote control then nothing happens. When I try again after some time then I see for a short moment that the cinemate is changing from for example TV to SoundTouch but then directly followed by a Shutdown and the system is off. What's is happening here and how can I resolve this problem.




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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Bose Cinemate 220 SoundTouch not working anymore

Hi HJ,


Thanks for the post and sorry to hear about the difficulties you're having.  It sounds like you will need to reconnect the SoundTouch adapter to your network.  If you look at the back of the adapter, what color is the LED?  Once you reconnect it, try your radio stations again to see if this still happens.


Can you try radio stations on TuneIn as well and see if the issue happens there?