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Feb 14, 2017

Bose Quality

Very dissapointed in Bose. I had been a firm supporter of Bose. I invested into SoundTouch 300 complete set (Acoustimass 300 & VI 300), 2 Soundtouch 10's, 1 QC35 and have gifted my parents Soundtouch 20. Additionally, I referred you to my friends who made purchases of Soundtouch on my recommendations. When I first procured Soundtouch 300 back in December 2017, your VI 300 was broken out of package. My first bad experience with you. The reseller - Atlas in Singapore replaced it after 2 days. Now 6 months down the line Acoustimass 300 is broken with no status light. I went for a short break and switch off everything. When I came back, Acoustimass 300 refuses to switch on. There is no status light. I have sent the unit myself for repair this morning and it may take sometime before they can send it back. That too when I have a big party coming up for my Son's burthday on Wednesday. So I spent fortune just to get this kind of experience? The service guy on the counter said that I am not first one. There had been numerous complaints on Soundtouch 300 & Acoustimas. Is this the Bose quality you refer to in your advertisements? Before soundtouch 300, I had a run of the mill Philips home theater which served me well for 5 years without a single outage. I sold the working unit. Six months of Bose and my unit will be opened and repaired and might take 10 to 15 days. Why as a customer I have to go through this experience? Please look into yourself and try to find the answers. Go to Bose community and you will find so many disgruntled customers. What are you doing about it? Please remember there are too many options available in the market and last thing you want is to lose your loyal customer base.