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Sep 12, 2016

Bose ST 2018 Roundup

1. No airplay2 as originally promised, now moved to 2019 "sometime", so could be December 31, 2019.

2. No new music services, not even 20% close to what Sonos offers

3. Removal of internet radio, without even telling the customers

4. Starting a new line of products, without even bothering to fix the current one


So why should I buy another Bose product? goodbye

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Nov 13, 2017

Re: Bose ST 2018 Roundup

BOSE need an urgent response on this 

At this time of year people invest, expand - or leave the ecosystem

Im at the point where i want BOSE to refund the lot so i can go Sonos - or give me the comfort that they are investing in the Software