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Nov 13, 2018

Bose ST 300 (Power Issued)

Hi, This is my first experience using new Bose ST300 (got it a week ago as a gift), so really need advice for this one... Get the status "Speaker is ready to play" in Soundtouch application on Laptop so can play the music sound...BUT after few seconds (3 seconds maybe), its turn off...try to turn it again, same issued repeated, turn on just only for few seconds then off.. Trying all option in advance setup (HDMI IN Direct Audio, HDMI-CEC, Auto-off) via Soundtouch app, turn on manually without connect to laptop and network, check the power cord, unplug and plug the cable power for resetting, still not solve the issued. By the way, the Bose ST300 updated with latest software version 19.0.13. The connection using Ethernet cable. Please help for the solutions from anyone/BOSE. Many Thanks, Maul