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Jul 2, 2016

Bose Soundtouch Portable Crashes and Needs frequent restarting

I have three Bose Soundtouch Portable devices in my home and one of them needs to be restarted (either unplug if battery not charged or hold AUX) effectively every time I want it to play music meaning I can not start it with the app.  It also usually freezes and needs to be restarted after about half an hour or so of playing music via different sources.  This happened before and after the most recent update.  I was waiting for an update to see if it fixed this bug.
When you press "On" on the device it loads and shows the preset number "3 90's Pop" but never goes to the "Pandora __Song Name___" tab and no sound comes out.  After a restart it works fine.
I called Bose support twice yesterday, the first time they told to hold AUX to restart and effectively that was it, didn't even ask for my info.  The second time they asked for all my info and suggested I pay $99 plus shipping to have it fixed.  I had to ask them if we could perform a factory reset or something as this clearly is a software glitch.  They agreed to do that and it still did not fix the problem after I was told to hang up and repair with my network.  The "factory reset" is clearly not a full reset either because I never had to reinstall all the updates so it is really just an account/Wifi pairing removal.
There has to be a software solution to this as once I do an AUX reset the devices plays fine for some time until it freezes 30-40 mins in.  I can even turn the device on and off, control with app etc. do anything really until it freezes after 30-40 mins of use or idle.
As I mentioned, my other two Soundtouch devices work with no issues and this problem device has been doing this for a month or so.  Whether controlled on the device, on my android phone, or my PC.
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Bose Soundtouch Portable Crashes and Needs frequent restarting


HI kapryt 
From your description, it sounds as though the speaker is occasionally losing connection, as though it were losing its IP assignment from the router or something similar. Clearly rebooting the system manually is renewing this IP assignment and connection in such a way that it returns to normal. 
If you haven't already done so, it wouldn't be a bad idea to log-in to your home router and set the Wi-Fi to use a fixed channel number. (This just means selecting "1" or "11" under the channel setting instead of the default "Auto") This will prevent the router from jumping between channels and potentially losing contact with the Soundtouch portable when it does. 
Please also have a look at what RSSI value your SoundTouch portable reports in the app. If it shows as "poor" or "fair" then improving signal strength between the speaker and router may help to prevent this. You can find the steps for checking RSSI here: (https://www.soundtouch.com/KnowledgeCenterView#!/feedtype=SINGLE_ARTICLE_DETAIL&id=kA140000000GvB2CA...
It is true that the symptoms also point to a possible hardware issue on the SoundTouch portable. The fact that two other Soundtouch products do not experience similar interruptions would argue against the likelihood of a larger ecosystem or software issue. If we cannot narrow down another culprit, the suggested repair for the system may be the best course of action.