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Nov 19, 2018

Bose Sountouch 10 and Soundbare 300 are not working properly with HPE OC20 AP's

A couple of weeks ago I improved my Wifi-network by buying a couple of HPE OC20 AP's and a new Netgear JGS516PE POE Switch. The Netgear is directly connected to my Hitron Router and de HPE OC20 AP's are hardwired connected to the Netgear Switch. I switched of the Wifi of the Hitron. For so far I have a more than perfect Wifi Signal througout my home.


My Soundbar 300 is hardwired connected through a Netgear GS105v2 switch to the Netgear JGS516PE. After setting up the Soundtouch 10 and the Soundbar 300 everything is working fine and work together as one system but after a couple of hours the volume of the Sountouch or the Soundbar is fluctuating. Another issue is that the next day the Soundbar or the Soundtouch are not visible in the app, disconnecting and connecting the power is the only solution to get them back.


If also tried to set up a didicated wifi network for Bose but the same problem. Bose told me to hardwire everything! LOL Soundtouches are only suitable for a wifi connection. Bose also gives me also a bunch of settings for my router and AP's but the most of the settings couldn't be done in my Hitron, Netgear or AP's.


Is there anyone who have any idea how to solve this.