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Nov 6, 2016

Bose need to improve delivery, listen to your customers please we pay your wages

I am very happy with my 6 Bose sound touch Wireless units ranging from 30,20 and 10 models, I see a lot on negative posts about the sound touch units and the latest sound touch app. I am lucky that all is good for me but it does bother me that Bose does not seem to be taking action quickly in areas that are causing major customer dissatisfaction and even lots of people returning their equipment and jumping ship to Sonos. Example would be the sound touch going to standby when using aux. This has been an issue for months and Bose seems to be doing nothing about this or dragging their feet on a fix.  That is highly frustrating and Bose do need to provide a higher level o service to deliver customer requests in a timely manner. Perhaps Bose is happy to loose customers to Sonos who knows, maybe they don't really care otherwise there would not be so many negative posts and no real action or delivery from Bose. Its not hard to make firmware charges its obviously just not a priority and it should be. Anyways I am very happy with my Bose setup just feel bad for those that brought the device for a specific use and it does not work, and even for those guys that brought the sound touch to stream Spotify and after they brought the device realised they now have to fork out a monthly subscription to use Spotify, sadly I am one of them as it was never made clear that a premium account was needed