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Jun 7, 2017

Bose silently introduced a new Hardware revision of the AM300

Hey all, according to a finding in the german community Bose  seemed to have introduced a new hardware revision of the AM 300


You can see it here:






Can any of the Mods elaborate on this and give information on the specs and the difference to the "old" one?


I will definately check this out in store once available and if it is better think about an exchange as i am still under waranty..


Ok so a nother german guy found this one:




And seemingly it looks that this is a more compact version, maybe also to get a better price point. Also material don't look that nice.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Bose silently introduced a new Hardware revision of the AM300

Hey there,


This is not actually a revision of the AM300, but a completely different product.  It's a smaller bass module that is paired with the ST300 for sale at certain stores in the US.  It's at a lower price point than the ST300+AM300 ($999 vs $1398).