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Dec 30, 2019

Cable routing for wall mounted Soundtouch 300 Soundbar

I have just finished installing a Soundtouch Soundbar 300 onto a plastered stud wall, but did not fully

research the cable entry points for the Soundbar.

I have seen the plastic fitting that is supplied with the Soundbar, but this looks really shoddy - and merely covers cables which are laid across the surface of the hosting wall.


I used the 'brush type', 2G fitting, with cables routed through the wall (up to the TV above).

Now that I have finished the installation, I am not too happy (6/10) with the optical cable and power lead that I can still see near to the ends of the Soundbar.


I can now see that I should have searched for a smaller fitting, and located it in the central position

of the soundbar. It is here that the power, optical and HDMI cables all connect in.


I am thinking of fitting 2mm - 3mm spacers behind the two Soundbar mounting brackets, which will potentially leave enough space for the cables to be run behind the Soundbar. 


For the next Soundbar that I fit, does anyone know of a suitable (small) fitting that could be used in this 'central' position, which will not be seen once the Soundbar is fitted?