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Sep 25, 2017

Can I use Apple Time Capsule for music library? — previous answers old, & heard AirPlay is Leaving

Just got pair of SoundTouch 10s linked in stereo. However, my "desktop” is a laptop and is not 

— always on, nor

— always on the network (out of the house)


We do have a time capsule, though.  I note that it is not on the recommended NAS devices. And that queries related to it are a couple years old.  The point of getting the SoundTouch speakers was to remove reliance on bluetooth, so, unless I dedicate an always-on computer to a music library (meaning I have to buy one), can play iTunes and Audible audiobooks over wifi from my cell phone, or can use our existing time capsule, I'm sort of stuck.  


I hope I just missed or didn't understand something in the instructions....


We had (& still have) nice Bluetooth speakers. Soo.... if we can't store music libraries on our time capsule, it would cost more to set up the SoundTouch 10 linked stereo speakers to operate on wifi than it cost to buy them. ( e.g, buy a new NAS per recommeded list, buy a new computer — always on (so add electric bill) — etc.).  


I have a sinking feeling we should have asked before buying. 

I hope I'm wrong!


Appreciate any help



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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Can I use Apple Time Capsule for music library? — previous answers old, & heard AirPlay is Le...



Thanks for the question.  You would not be able to use just the Time Capsule as it does not have a built in DLNA media server, so you would have to have a computer running with the SoundTouch App installed in order to stream that music.  

The options that you have laid out in the beginning of your post are the only options really available for streaming your music.  My recommendation would be NAS drive, as it would be cheaper than a computer, and use significantly less power (for example, the Synology DS212j is a 2-bay NAS drive that draws between 6 and 18 watts depending on load, and you can turn it off when you're not using it.)


I hope this answers your question.  If you have anymore, please let me know.