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Dec 18, 2017

Can't set up to play music on SoundTouch

I bought a SoundTouch a few days ago and set it up immediately on my phone. I have a HTC. Connecting was fine, set up seemed fine and then it tried to update - after the update, I tried to play music through spotify and had an error message to say that it could not find the update, and then another error saying 'hmm, that didnt work'... I reset the router, turned the soundtouch off, tried again on the HTC and then again on a Nokia. Still wouldnt work at playing music either through spotify or the internet radios suggested on the soundtouch app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, looked to see if it would update - to no avail. Today I have reset the soundtouch and set up again via USB on my Mac - still isn't working - I have an error number 1043.


When you send music to the speaker you hear a faint sound but no music, and then the soundtouch light on the far right flashes on and off constantly.


I can't get it to work and I literally just bought this brand new so I'm kind of disappointed - does anyone have any suggestions or tips?


- for futher info, I have a Plusnet router and the Wifi set up is apparently fine (light is steady white).