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Jun 27, 2015

Cannot connect to systems from wired PC

I have always had issues with connecting from my desktop system, which is wired into a port on my wifi router.

It would be hit-and-miss and eventually it would connect.

Since the update to the software, however, I have not been able to connect to any of the systems at all. I can connect to them fine with my phone on the wifi network.

I can even connect to the web interface on them from my PC, just not via the app.
This gets very frustrating, to be sure.

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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Cannot connect to systems from wired PC

Hi Brian,
Thanks for taking the time to post of the forum.  I apologize that you’re having these issues with your SoundTouch system, and I think we can solve this problem.
I’ve seen this issue before where systems with Wi-Fi cannot be detected by a computer that is connected with ethernet, and vice-versa.  A lot of times, this can be solved with a simple settings change in your router.  Typically, it will be called “Wireless Isolation” or “AP Isolation”.  We want to make sure this is disabled.  Apply the setting, power cycle the router, and this should hopefully solve the issue.
If the issue persists, please reply back with the Brand and Model number of your router so I can take a deeper look into the settings menu.