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Sep 15, 2016

Cannot go past "get started" step of Soundtouch

After "get started" my wifi network is accepted and that is where it all ends.
So I have bought the expensive Bose system but it cannot connect to the wifi. It is a company network of which I cannot change any settings. Through USB it says that my firewall blocks the app, firewall is off. Through alternative connection the signs goes white but that is where it stop. Still cannot go past the first step of the Soundtouch app. Hard reset is done, still no difference. Unless if I use it only on AUX, shall I make a boomerang of the speaker?
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Sep 11, 2014

Re: Cannot go past "get started" step of Soundtouch

Hi Mossel,
The SoundTouch products are intended for use on a private home network using consumer grade equipment. Your company network will almost certainly be using Enterprise network architecture to run a distributed  professional network across your building.
Sadly the SoundTouch products are not compatible with Enterprise security or networking structure. These networks often block the needed ports and the Multicast protocol that SoundTouch uses to communicate with your app and our servers online.  This product will not be suitable for your needs in this case as only the Bluetooth and Aux features will be usable.
Apologies for the bad news on this.