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Dec 7, 2016

Cinemate 120 error connecting to Line (in) and RCA (Analog)

I'm connecting my iPhone 6 and 7 to my Cinemate 120. I've selected "Side Aux" and set it to "Audio In". And I've used a standard line in cable to connect to the headphone port on the console. But I'm getting no output. It only says, "Nothing Connected". Alternatively, I tried connecting through RCA to Line In cable and in that I selected "Analog Input" and set to Auto/TV. That too doesn't work. Alternative I connected to a bluetooth adapter via Aux cable and tried and too didn't work. Shows me the same "Nothing Connected" error. Can you please help? Also, let me know if its mandatory connect Acoustimass or not? Since in some cases I wasn't connecting it and trying only with the Sound Bar. Note that the same cable and bluetooth adapter works fine with other speakers that I've with me (though they are portable ones). Hope someone can help me out on this soon...
Thanks  DJ