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Nov 11, 2016

Compatibility between soundtouch 20 and ion air lp turntable

i have discovered that spotify on my soundtouch doesbt sound so good so i want to add a turntable
is it compatible with my soundtouch 20? The ion air lp is supposed to be usb and bluetooth...
can i use the auxiliary port to Connect it? Do o need a presumo? And last question. Would sound quality be better than spotify?
thanks for answering and sorry if my english aint clear enough since my native tongue is spanish
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Dec 5, 2016

Re: Compatibility between soundtouch 20 and ion air lp turntable

Hello Marcelo,
Thank you for your inquiry, the ION turntable you have purchased has a standard RCA audio output on the back that will allow you to connect it to your SoundTouch 20. To do this you will need to purchase two cables and a phono preamp to boost the signal from the turntable going into the AUX input on your Bose. Phono preamps can be found in many places online and start around $20. You may want to search on or contact ION directly and see what they recommend. Sound quality with a turntable will vary with the quality of the needle, the preamp used, as well as the turntable itself.
Feel free to connect with us for more support with your SoundTouch 20 at your convenience.
Thank You
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